Fish and seafood is the last remaining food resource originating from wild caught animals. Overfishing, destructive fishing techniques and pollution have led to the depletion of most relevant food fish populations globally. This severely interferes with the balance of marine food webs – even more so since many other species are killed as unwanted by-catch. Aquaculture can be a solution to the increasing demand in marine resources but more often than not further contributes to environmental destruction through organic pollution, eutrophication, heavy use of antibiotics and chemicals, deforestation of mangroves, and introduction of non-native species. Further, many farms focus on carnivorous species which are often fed other wild caught fish. This is extremely inefficient from an energetic point of view. At Bocas Mariculture, we are fascinated by the potential of aquaculture and have invested a lot of time and efforts to develop a business model built on environmentally, economically and socially sustainable practices.