Bocas Mariculture

a healthy environment is the foundation for all life.

Our Vision

Bocas Mariculture is a positive example of the aquarium industry, operating at the cutting edge and dedicated to protecting the environment by the means of a environmentally, socially and financially sustainable aquaculture business. It involves the local community, educates and reconnects people to nature, and combats illegal wildlife trade.

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Our Animals

Browse through our animals by category or by using the search function. All species are cultured in environmentally friendly ways. Not only does that protect our precious wildlife, it also allows us to ship healthier animals, already used to live in an aquarium.


Bocas Mariculture is actively involved in the scientific community and provides a laboratory for research facilities and marine scientists. Learn more about our different research projects, our scientific infrastructure, and open positions.


There is nothing more satisfying to us than maintaining a successful business while having a positive impact on the environment. We consider it essential to involve the local community and educate the next generation to sustainable conservation. Learn more about our different initiatives and projects.